In-house OR Outsource Card issuing Business

Banks will need to make a choice between in-house card issuing and out-sourcing to a personalisation bureau. But what do banks need to know to make an informed decision?

  • Toga prepare compelling Business case for complete insource solution to help Banks make the right decisions and balance between in-house and outsourcing models.
  • Toga helps issuer’s to bring In-House Chip Card Personalization from card personalization bureau /Third party Processors seamless.
  • Toga helps issuers with overall outsourcing strategy evaluating activities for in-house model and activities for full service outsourcing mode

Personalization Bureau Setup

  • Toga consultancy services are meant for organizations who are yet to begin their personalization services for the EMV card issuers.
  • The organization may or may not already have the personalization bureau setup.
  • We work with our partners to offer end-to-end consultancy services in order to obtain the EMV certification to personalize the EMV compliant cards.
  • We help the organisation to be ready technically to personalize and deliver the first EMV card to the intended cardholder.
  • Pre-assessment to cover the physical security of the premise and the logical security .
  • Help with the setting up of the machinery for making the test cards for MasterCard/Visa and China UnionPay inspection purposes.
  • Toga focus on getting the organization’s employees a kick-start in producing the EMV cards.
  • The jump-start will bring up the respective employees with all the necessary knowledge in making the EMV cards