Payments  Systems Integration 
Toga is a trusted and preferred end-to-end payments system integrator across  Africa .Toga offers an end-to-end onsite system Integration service for all Payment Switch ,Mobile Money – MNOs Channels, Government eGateway ,Government National IDs System and  Aggregators.

Integrating multiple payments systems, all Vendor Independent Payment platforms and channels 
Interfacing  with Core Banking Systems , Aggregators ,Government eGateway and National ID systems
National Switch ,Region  Switch and International Gateway Integrations Services 
Migration and System Upgrades  

Toga trusted  experts offer  best deployment practices  to help banks with migration and legacy system upgrade with minimum  business impact.

Project Management and Implementation

Toga solutions offers experts services  to Financial institutions to ensure  efficient ,smooth payments Projects implementation..Toga assist Financial institutions to design solutions that meet best practices in security architecture solutions.

Architecture & Design – Payment systems Best Practice design and solutioning
Project Management and Agile Delivery: Agile and Waterfall Project delivery for business value and competitive advantage 
Other  services include:

  • Increase payments channels by adopting of contactless and emerging payments solutions
  • Expand payments processing capabilities
  • Improve security and operations around payments processing
  • Modernize legacy payments infrastructure
  • Adoption of contactless and emerging payments solutions