Toga experts provide you guidance and assist you with professional services covering the various areas of the payment, mobile and transportation arena.

EMV cards, handsets, POS, MPOS, ATM or any chip-based device has to be tested and validated before releasing it to the market.

Certification is a mandatory step that needs to be taken before issuing and acquiring infrastructures are allowed to be taken into production.

Certification is required by payment schemes and local switching networks to ensure interoperability towards all participating members. Toga payment provides test management, onsite testing and certification..

Our certification services includes Terminal to host protocol certification, brand certification, network interface validations, and merchant acceptance testing, as well as host testing and certification, , key management and data encryption, and terminal processing testing

Issuer network testing:

Major payments schemes require new connections from issuer host systems to be certified. Toga testing services simplify this process. Toga test consultants conduct on-site network certification testing on behalf of issuers.

Terminal Integration Process testing

Toga performs on-site contact and contactless Terminal Integration process testing on behalf of acquirers. Our team of testers will execute the test cases on behalf of customer and submit logs to Card Associations for validation.