Toga provides EMV Consulting Services for the business and technical aspects of your EMV migration. We understand a number of EMV-related decisions that issuers, acquirer and processors will need to make, and we provide you with the information you need so that you can make the best decision for your business

Toga offer consulting services to ensure banks and card issuers benefit from support at every step on their way to smart card migration.Toga offers Interactive workshops enabling banks to better understand EMV and all the steps of an EMV transaction processing.Toga also provide the support that will make the EMV migration easier and faster.

Toga Consulting Summary

  • EMV migration infrastructure readiness evaluation
  • EMV migration impact and process gap analysis
  • Target solution architecture
  • Compliance and Certification analysis , testing requirements & test tools advice
  • Migration strategy evaluation
  • Operation Process development recommendation

Toga has played a leading role in the enablement of EMV payments security around Africa. Toga has successfully consulted, developed and integrated complex EMV card solutions for customers across Africa. Our past experiences show that most of our customers do not have the necessary EMV knowledge and implementation experience, resulting them in making decision that are not appropriate and costly. Our aim is to relief our customers from the un-comfortable situation and to further providing expertise advice to them

Toga team of experts have experience in all areas of the payment ecosystem – from EMV Chip and PIN ,NFC to advanced and emerging payment solutions. The team has designed, implemented and operated payment systems.

Impact Assessment

For customers who have started their EMV planning and need outside expertise and guidance, Toga can assist in an advisory capacity. Toga will do/review systems impact assessments, to support the bank’s business and technical objectives. Consulting engagement which helps financial institutions understands the impact of EMV and identifies strategies for an effective migration to EMV technology

Analysis, Design, Implementation and Support

Architecture,end-to-end system design and implementation of Payments solutions. Onsite /remote go-live ,payment systems upgrade and Integration cycle testing services. Systems Setup,unit Testing and Card Association certification services. Payment systems monitoring,optimasation and support Formulation of Test plan, sign-off and handover documentations. Toga provides services to support the analysis, design and implementation of payment ecosystems with an eye on the intersection of payments, security and compliance